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Sponsor WOC:

The 2016 World Orphans Day has several sponsorship packages available, providing sponsors with a choice of exposure related to financial commitment. Participating as a sponsor at The 2016 World Orphans Day can take you straight to your target market and demonstrate your level of support and commitment to the People. The 2016 World Orphans Day can provide your organization with:

  • Maximum exposure at all the programs on the day and after the day devoted to those involved with the target people of your organization.
  • An opportunity to build and reinforce strategic relationships within the target people.
  • Time to network with social workers who are the key decision makers.
  • A cost effective way to reinforce your organization's brand and build brand awareness amongst a relevant audience.
  • Access to a broad network of national and international social activities.
  • Time to present latest services to a pertinent audience, and showcase your expertise and capabilities.
  • Increased marketing opportunities including visibility on the WOC website, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and all the associated marketing materials.
  • The sponsorship model allows you to capture People's attention in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of your business. We understand that these needs may not necessarily fit into the prescribed levels outlined in this document, and we therefore invite you to discuss with us alternative options available to tailor-make a sponsorship package that best suits your organization.